<h1>Indelible memory with Yogesh and Apurva wedding photography in Pune </h1>

Apurva & Yogesh 

We and our A&T photography team has indelible memory with Yogesh & Apurva’s wedding photography in Pune.  A&T team got a great opportunity to capture the beautiful moments of Yogesh and Apurva wedding photography in Pune. Besides so many odds Yogesh and Apurva love story is worth sharing as “Love Story from Two States”. Yogesh and Apurva were childhood friends and shared wonderful childhood memory while living as neighbors. Yogesh started getting special feelings for Apurva as they grew up. However, it was always untold to her.

Time flew and Yogesh and Apurva went far from each other for achieving their life goals. Yogesh moved to beyond the seven seas, it was Canada. After some years, Apurva completed her study and her parent started looking for a guy. Soon Apurva got engaged. Nevertheless, destiny had some surprises for her. In same time distance made Yogesh realize that there is some connection between him and Apurva.

Yogesh decided to continue this childhood friendship to lifetime companionship. And yes, this determination spread love in the air. Yogesh quickly called up Apurva and shared his feelings which was hidden within him. Yogesh voice assured Apurva so much that she also decided to walk with him in despite of all the odds.

Trust us, when our A&T team started capturing their emotions in the camera. So, each of their expression shown, this wonderful couple is made for each other. Yogesh & Apurva wedding photography in Pune shoot given us lots of vivacious moments to life time cherish.

Moving ahead, this was just a beginning of a beautiful romantic story. Apurva parent were not convinced on their decision. Gradually Yogesh & Apurva started convincing their parent and haven’t given up. Finally, it took time but their determination and trust in each other made everybody convinced that they are made of each other.

All thanks to the technology era, Yogesh and Apurva decided to get engage on skype. Few month later Yogesh flew to India and they both started preparing for their Big Day.  Since Apurva belongs to South Indian family and Yogesh got his upbringing in Jain family. Yogesh & Apurva carries different family background. Essentially their marriage vow brought two different culture together with lots of fun and indelible memories for the both of the families

The functions started with Mehndi, Sangeet and Barat reception. We and our team completely dedicated ourselves to capture all the special moments throughout each day as part of wedding photography in Pune.  Since we had wedding venue in Pune so, our A&T team took advantages of covering colorful pictures for wonderful couple in lush green serenity.  We also given our best to capture all the candid moments throughout the function for making the picture more and more lively. </h1>

<h1> Indeed, Yogesh and Apurva Big fat Indian wedding has given us the opportunity to capture their beautiful moments. Also portray the cocktail of two different family backgrounds, cultures in our camera as part of wedding photography in Pune.