It is well said that Whatever happens, happens for the good. When Thomas and Sayali were moving out of India and shifted to USA. At some point, they were not so happy because there were going far from their friends and family. But something was predestined for both of them.

Sayali & Thomas Bengoli Wedding in Pune, India| Sindoor scene.
Couple Poses of Sayali and Thomas Marathi-Bengoli Wedding in Pune, India
Sayali and Thomas Wedding Ceremony Couple Poses in Nashik, India
Sayali and Thomas Marathi-Bengoli Wedding

Thomas and Sayali met in USA through common friends. Gradually they started hanging out together and became very good friends. This friendship grew up so deep that, it was always comfortable zone for Sayali to sit with Thomas and share everything. They had always craving of spending time together. Even sometimes they were sitting together and sharing silly things also fun time for them. Thomas was die heart fan on Sayali’s smile. There is true saying that smile is free but it has million-dollar worth. This has worked out in their case as well. Sayali’s charming smile stole Thomas heart. After some month, they realize that Sayali needs him to annoy for life time and also Thomas can’t live without seeing her smiling face every day. So, they decided to knot lifetime bonding with each other with all the compassion and love. But same as other love stories, their love story was also not easy. Yogesh and Sayali belongs to different caste so it was not easy for them to convince their parent marriage. After all, their true dedication for each other made both of families understand that they are made for each other.

Both the family member started preparing for the Big Day. Finally, Thomas and Sayali came to India for their wedding. Everybody were super excited for their Big day. Thomas and Sayali followed both family rituals and took the vow for commencement of beautiful journey together.

Trust us, initially it was not easy for us to understand each ritual. Because our team has to follow both family rituals and capture them in the camera. However, both of the family member supported us to understand how they are performing their customs. Because, we don’t believe only in capturing pictures. Our main intention is to portray the true intention in the camera. So, the pictures make the memory closer to the heart. This wedding photography has given us lots of delightful moments to life time cherish. Our A&T team just loved the support we got from our bride and groom also from their family. We and our A&T photography team has beautiful memory with Thomas and Sayali wedding photography in Pune.

We have covered wedding pictures and cinematography both for their wedding day. Our A&T team used high resolution and new technology camera i.e. Sony A7RII, Sony A7MII and Sony a6300 gear with combination of lenses as Carl Zeiss 35mm 1.4, Sony G-master 85mm 1.4 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8 as part of wedding photography in Pune.

We are wishing our lovely couple lifetime of love and happiness. Their wedding vow bring lots of love for each other and their love grow every day.

Bengoli Wedding of Sayali and Thomas in Pune