Colourful Marathi wedding!

With beautiful Marathi bride Anuja and the handsome groom Prateek were been souls of this masters event. A girl will find her true love and a guy will find his pure soul at the right time by chasing all the hurdles whatever it maybe and this is what we say Made for each other and engaged at heaven. No one can ever stop the meeting of two souls if it has already written to happen. We covered different functions of this Marathi Wedding in Pune and Mumbai.

Our bride and groom came to know each other via a matrimonial site (

The thing which brought them together was Food. Anuja is CA by profession and she is a big foodie. Prateek is a young and successful hotelier in Maharashtra, India. He loves his profession and off course he is a big foodie. There common interest on Jeevansathi has not only brought them up together, but also it made a bridge for connecting two families.

Venue Details

The Mumbai Wedding of Anuja and Prateek was  held at “The fern” in Mumbai while the reception was held at “Sentosa Resorts” in Pune. This particular Marathi wedding has marked another milestone in our records. They contacted us for wedding shoot as they are in the search of best wedding photographer in Pune and Mumbai. As a wedding photographer in Pune we always feel happy to Cover weddings in Mumbai.

While covering Candid Wedding Photoshoot and Candid Wedding Films the detailing of event plays an important role. The flower decoration in Anuja and Prateek’s wedding was amazing. The attire, jewellery and theme was outstanding.

Pre-wedding rituals

We were very glad to be a big part their Marathi wedding ceremony and we started shooting from maharashtrian pre-wedding rituals.

Sakhar Puda:

As a Wedding Photographer, we got to know different rituals and ceremonies. Sakharpuda is a mandatory ceremony in Maharashtrian Weddings. Covering Photography of Sakhar Puda is similar to Engagement Photoshoot. For simplicity some people call it as Sugar Box. The wedding relation starts from this ceremony. Groom’s mother gives sugar or Sakhar Puda to the bride as a sign of engaged.

On the day of wedding:

So the Marathi wedding of Anuja and Prateek started with Ganapathi puja. Anuja was looking gorgeous  in typically Maharashtrian Saree. We got some amazing shots of Prateek when he was getting ready e.g. Royal Sherwani Photographs with specially crafted jewellery. The outstanding thing about this couple was, they were so charming. Both had perfect smile. As a wedding candid photographer I love to capture smiling faces, and I was so happy because I had so many perfect pictures of this adorable couple.


The reception is what makes the wedding completed. On the day of Reception Anuja was wearing a beautiful Barbie Gown Specially designed for her, whereas Prateek was looking handsome in Indo-western dress.

Finally we finished a big fat Indian wedding with our gorgeous couple Anuja and Prateek. Best assistance from the couple made this shoot results like a crore-filmy wedding.


God Ganesha's Statue Photo in Anuja Prateek Mumbai Wedding

God Ganesh

Princes Gown for Bride Anuja+Picture by Best Wedding Photographer in Pune Princes Gown for Bride Anuja+Picture by Best Wedding Photographer in Pune, India Princes Gown for Bride Anuja|| Reflection Picture by Best Wedding Photographer in Pune, India Best Picture of Wedding Reception in Pune in Anuja & Prateek's Wedding Evening Wedding Couple Photography by best wedding photographer in Pune Couple Poses for Indian Wedding Photography in Pune Best Couple Photography in Wedding of Anuja and Prateek in Pune Best Wedding Reception Photography of Anuja and Prateek in Pune Wedding Reception Photography of Anuja and Prateek in Pune

Wedding Decoration Photography by Best Photographer in Mumbai

Wedding Decoration

Bride's Entry in Wedding in Mumbai, India || Bride Entry IdeasAnuja- The Bride's Entry at her Wedding in Mumbai, India- By Best Wedding Photographer in MumbaiPrateek & Anuja's Wedding Details Photography in Mumbai, IndiaPrateek & Anuja's Wedding Details Photography in Mumbai, IndiaGroom Prateek's Wedding Costume Photography in Mumbai, IndiaGroom Poses in Mumbai Wedding of Prateek by Best Candid Photographer in India.Groom Making Pictures of Prateek in his wedding in Mumbai, India by top photographersGroom Poses in Mumbai Wedding of Prateek.Groom Prateek's Make in Picture by Mumbai's Best Wedding PhotographerIndian Wedding Photography by Best Photographer in Mumbaiwedding details photosWedding Candid Moment in Anuja-Prateek's Mumbai Grand Wedding Wedding Details Photographs in Anuja-Prateek's Grand wedding in Mumbai, IndiaWedding Details Photographs in Anuja-Prateek's Grand wedding in Mumbai, IndiaVarmala Moment Photo in Anuja-Prateek's Mumbai Grand WeddingGroom Poses+By Best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai, IndiaCouple Welcome Candid Pictures from Anuja-Prateek's Reception in Pune, IndiaCouple Black and White Photo by Top Wedding Photography Company in Pune, IndiaBride Poses, Pune, India, by best wedding photography companyPoses for Bride by the best wedding photographer in Pune, IndiaCandid Photography of a Bride Wedding Ceremony Candid Moments at Maharashtrian Wedding in Mumbai, IndiaBride Anuja's Candid Photography by Best Photographer in Mumbai, IndiaBride Anuja's wedding candids pictures with her Sister, In Mumbai, IndiaBride Hairstyle in Anuja Prateek's Mumbai Wedding

Beautiful Bride Anuja's picture by Mumbai's Best Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Bride