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Well this started when my wife asked about our Pre Wedding photography!

We were in long distance relationship, and just somehow we managed to agree our parents for our marriage!.
Tilottama first time asked me for pre Wedding photography and we started searching for the same, But soon I realize the quality which we wanted cost much higher to us..
And then I used my “Bania” mind, I had Nikon camera that time and I convinced my room mate Akash to do our Photoshoot, and some how Tilottama also agreed on it. But it was time-bomb
Just after our marriage I went to UK alone for some months and it was just a co-incident that when I returned to India the same next week Tilottama traveled for almost the same location in UK from her company, And this was the time again she started following me for Post wedding I again search for it and result was same, cost !
This time I tricked her and said the budget you are looking for is too high and instead we can buy our own professional camera on it, I dont know how but she got convinced, and when she gifted me our first camera and lens ( it was Sony A7M2 and 85 MM 1.4 Lens).
But till that time we not thought about professional photography, And I posted below pic on my Facebook on excitement:
After seeing my camera post my friend Prashant called me and requested, can we click his post wedding ! I told to Tilottama and she was more than happy to cover it.
And this was the moment we that realize that we can also do this business..
Thats it !!
Its merely 1 year we have started our business A&T photography and we have covered more than 100 events !! ist it believing??
And idea of Serenity came when we realised we need specialised brand for Pre-wedding and Wedding photography to distinct our services and provide highest level of satisfaction to our customers.
And wait our Post wedding is still pending, I am still in UK when writing this article and I promised her this time in Scotland.!

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