Wedding Photographer

Who is Wedding Photographer 

Wedding Photographer. Who is this person. Well, I think apart from couple and close family members, he/she is the most important person in your wedding. Wedding Photographer is someone who is going to craft your wedding to make it memorable one. Wedding photographer is a person, who is going to preserve your memories in form of pictures. These photographs are going to cherish you for whole life. Wedding pictures has an emotional touch. Some times they makes you smile, sometimes they make you cry. Hence, you should be very much careful while choosing your wedding photographer.

Now a days, there are so many good photographers, with different style of photography. Before choosing your photographer for wedding your requirements must be clear about what style of photography you want in your wedding.

Wedding photography in India is bit challenging, because photographer has to be very alert.  Indian weddings are consist of so many rituals, one after another. Hence, its photographer’s responsibility to not miss a single moment.

Now a days in wedding photography industry, a new style of photography has been evolved, which is know as photojournalism. Though photojournalism is old term, but for wedding photography it is new. At Serenity Wedding Story we love to do this kind of photography. In this style the more focus is on candid pictures and it has very less interaction of photographer. It is a storytelling by photographs. As a wedding photographer at Serenity Wedding Story our main focus is always and always on Story Telling.

There are some more styles as well of wedding photography such as artistic which mainly used in couple session, traditional photography, portrait photography and dramatic photography again for couple session.

We at Serenity Wedding Story always offer exclusive couple session at wedding day in which we do creative, artistic and dramatic style of photography.

So guys, if you are getting married, be very clear about your requirements and carefully choose your wedding photographer.

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